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Sci|Per|Con is an effective solution for any scientist working with genetic resources...


Researching in Pakistan may be pretty tuff. The country is large, the geography and climate are incredi...


Many biologists justifiably state that the Nagoya Protocol and its implementation in many countries...


Currently, many research activities are regulated by the need of scientific permits often claimed retrospectively. It is not rare that the reviewer of your submitted article asks to prove the legality of genetic resources.

Sci|Per|Con offers an effective solution to have all required documents at hand when required. We determine the necessary permits for your research project and estimate the time and the budget needed. Use our form to specify the project and we will get back to you with an appropriate solution!

I. Consulting your project

Our broad experiences with research expeditions, genetic resources transport, and connected paperwork allow us to properly asses the risks and alternatives in your project! We evaluate the whole project considering the bureaucratic parts and suggest the best solution. Therefore, you know exactly, what permits will be required for your work.

II. Securing scientific permits

You already know what permits you exactly need, but you want to focus on your research and not waste your time with the paperwork? We got you! Send us your details and we will solve the scientific permits agenda for you!

III. Backup

What if the hardly gained permits are physically misplaced? Don’t worry! We keep all permits in our repository to be sure you never lose any of them.
This and some more are the services we can offer to you!