Sci|Per|Con is an effective solution for any scientist working with genetic resources from abroad or in a need of any other scientific permits. Don’t throw your time away on administrative tasks! Don’t waste your energy and creativity on bureaucratic procedures! If you are a real scientist, you are a person of creativity and discovering nature! Sci|Per|Con admire any research and the biological ones, especially! Therefore, we want to see scientists write interesting scientific papers and not filling the application forms!

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We offer all scientists:

  • Consultation on their projects from the perspective of scientific permits.
  • Consultation on specific scientific permit applications in any country.
  • Full support in the administrative process!
  • Free repository as a back-up for your issued permits!
  • A lot of saved time for your research or family!


Just fill the “Request form” by clicking the button “Request Consulting” and we will contact you and discuss your matter!

Sci|Per|Con will save time for your research!