Many biologists, mainly Ichthyologists, know lake Malawi for the vast fish diversity that had arisen from the historical water level changes and ragged bottom. Although the state of the same name is highly dependent on fish production, it has much more to offer to both, tourists and biologists.

Together with abroad donors, the Malawian government invested quite some money into the improvement of infrastructure and environment protection, which enable the people to travel across the country faster and offer enjoyment to tourists. The natural reserves and national parks are now inhabited by the "Big FIVE", and the northern regions are easier to visit.

Therefore, we can only recommend conducting any research activities in this beautiful country.

The Malawian National Commission for Science and Technology (NRCT) is the authority allowing any foreign research in Malawi. You have to consider the fact that the board of NRCT is judging the projects once in three months, so you may wait for quite some time.

For the application, you need a detailed project, local (academic) collaborator, MAT with the local institution, and $1.200USD for the application fee. Usually, you will also have to include The Department of National Parks and Wildlife in the projects, which will grant you permission to collect in protected areas. But, you will still need to always visit the management of each NP to agree on the entrance, as the guard will be assigned to you for safety reasons. This precaution unluckily means additional costs, in return, you may save on the entrance and accommodation fees, as they usually charge you as a local inhabitant. Worth mentioning that your local collaborator should also participate in the fieldwork, and the costs depend on your own negotiation.

On the other hand, you can entrust SciPerCon with the scientific permits agenda and negotiation, as our recent successful collaboration with Mzuzu University entitle us to handle your project competently.

Check out the Termite Research Team diaries (part I, part II, part III)! Africa is awesome, and research in Malawi is a true joy!

Sci|Per|Con can mediate you this joy!