What Do We Offer

Sci|Per|Con is a complex flexible solution for administrative problems connected to scientific permits acquiring. Although we focus mainly on Nagoya Protocol legislation, we are keen to advise also with other scientific administration. Whenever you need to get scientific/research permit in any country, we know, how to proceed. Anytime you need to export genetic material for scientific purposes back to your lab, we are on your side and we will help you.

SciPerCon know-how is based on rich experiences from many different field expeditions during which we also collected diverse set of local contacts. That is our treasure we want to share with you.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your challenges, as we will save a lot of your time, you could devote to your research or family!

What are Sci|Per|Con services

General consulting on Nagoya protocol rules, legal/administrative requirements for your research in foreign countries

Communication with local government and administration in order to get all information needed for particular research project

Representation of researchers in administrative/legal matters connected to research/export permit applications

Backup and Follow-up of your research/export permits acquired under Nagoya protocol legislation